Family Petitions For Immigration Into The United States

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There are several issues that must be considered when you decide to petition for family members to Immigrate to the United States. The problems you may face will depend upon your relationship to the family members.  Immediate family members These include your parents, biological children, and your foreign born spouse. Your stepchildren under twenty-one years old may accompany your spouse and must be included on the petition for the spouse. Immediate family members need not wait for a visa number to become available, but may immigrate as...

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Working With An Immigration Lawyer Will Shorten Your Case’s Processing Time

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Dealing with USCIS is easily one of the most frustrating experiences you might ever have to go through in your lifetime. This is because of the frequent delays that occur in the processing times of the cases filed. While it’s true that delays vary based on the type of petition, some applications take several months to be approved. This is, for example, the case of spousal sponsorship cases. This article explains why working with a qualified immigration lawyer can help you adjust your spousal’s immigration status with less...

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